Winery Küssler, Austria, Cuvée Line "Life"

The award-winning vintner Leopold Küssler's lifelong goal is, not only, to press excellent wines to cherish, but to produce wines that make life worth living.

According to Küssler's concept or approach "It must be possible  to combine different high quality wines in a specific ratio, in order to obtain a certain feeling within the connoisseur - to simply make him merry, pleased, more powerful".


For days, weeks, months, years, almost decades, the winegrower has combined a variety of wines; has experimented and changed conditions and varieties again and again - all this, in order to reach his life goal.


The time has come! We proudly present:

Cuvée White 2017

Winery Küssler, Austria, Cuvée White

Lustlessness becomes pleasure.

0,75 l bottle alc. 13% vol / dry

Cuvée Rosé 2017

Winery Küssler, Austria, Cuvée Rosé

Happiness becomes bliss.

0,75 l bottle alc. 12% vol / dry

Cuvée Red 2016

Winery Küssler, Austria, Cuvée Red

Powerlessness becomes lifeforce.

0,75 l bottle alc. 13.5% vol / dry

Please understand that both the choice of variety and specific ratio of the wines used are strictly confidential. Leopold Küssler's research has taken many years, so his unique blends remain his deepest secret! But it works!

"Life" series available only through sales partners

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